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Imagine leading your local market, not just competing. Being on the first page of Google for local searches isn’t just nice to have—it’s a must. At Digital Workie, we specialize in elevating local businesses above the competition.

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our local seo services INCLUDE

Expertise in Optimising Local Search Visibility

Digital Workie can help you reach local search visibility so that your business can be noticed by more people than ever, ultimately increasing your online and foot traffic!

Our team will perform keyword research and help target the most accurate relevant keywords to be applied to your business and will implement on-page optimisation on your website for it to be more user-friendly and loved by Google!

Tailored Strategies for Local Businesses

Digital Workie is committed to understand the unique needs of your business and strategise a tailored local SEO plan for your company.

In this process, we will consider the local market trends, your industry’s competition, and consumer behaviour and analyse all of them to come up with a specific local SEO strategy personalised for you.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Analysis

By researching the most accurate and relevant keywords, specifically tailored for your business, our team will then analyse the competition for those keywords to see whether or not these keywords can help your business stand out from your competitors!

On-Page Optimisation for Local Search

This service can help your business to rank higher in local search engines results.

Digital Workie does this by optimising on-page elements such as title tags and meta descriptions so that your business appears interesting and influences the users to click on your website! We’ll also be providing localised content where we’ll create contents that are specified to your targeted area.

Google My Business Optimisation

Digital Workie can help you create and optimise your Google My Business account. Not only will it help your business to become more noticeable, but by optimising it with accurate information, attractive videos and photos of your business, and by engaging with your customers through replying to their reviews; Google will notice you and deem you trustworthy and ultimately, help push your ranking on local search engines higher!

Online Review Management

Our team at Digital Workie takes care of your reviews, whether they be good or bad, and responds on your behalf. Through this effort, it’ll show that your business cares about what your customers have to say and are committed to improving their service. Evidently, your business can build trust with potential customers and boost your local search engines rankings!

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Our Experience and Proven Track Record

Throughout a number of clients that have been partnering with us for our local SEO service, most of them have seen tremendous growth through implementing local SEO in their business operations.
Dedicated Team of Local SEO Specialists

Our team of educated SEO specialists at Digital Workie is committed to offering top-notch local SEO services. They stay current with changing algorithms thanks to their knowledge and ongoing education, ensuring the success of your business online. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your company, including your rivals and target market, to develop a tailored local SEO strategy. By working with Digital Workie, you can rely on our enthusiastic specialists to negotiate the intricate details of local SEO, assisting you in reaching your business objectives and generating measurable results.
Customised Approach to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Digital Workie, we value a tailored strategy that caters to your company’s unique requirements. It all starts with thoroughly understanding your company from top to bottom. We take our time to research your objectives thoroughly, your target market, and your rivals. By analysing your present local SEO marketing strategies and performing local SEO audit, we may discover areas for improvement and find untapped growth opportunities. With this knowledge, we will then create a unique plan that properly matches your company's goals, guaranteeing that every tactic we employ is designed to benefit your company in a significant and lasting way.
Our team here at Digital Workie understands that every business is unique.
That is why we tailor our Local SEO services to meet your needs,
whether to increase brand exposure, traffic, or even leads/conversions.


Local SEO is the action of optimising a company’s website and online presence to improve its visibility in local search results. The practice of local SEO is important for businesses in Malaysia because through implementing local SEO, businesses can connect with a highly targeted local audience, attract more customers, and boost their revenue by appearing stronger in local search results. The act of local SEO involves targeting specific geographic locations, utilising local keywords, optimising Google My Business listings, and managing reviews.

Well, traditional SEO focuses on improving a website’s visibility on a broader scale whereas local SEO specifically targets local search queries and aims to capture local intent. Local SEO optimization involves optimising for location-specific keywords, utilising Google My Business listings, managing online reviews, and optimising content for local relevance. Local SEO also prioritises geographical targeting and ensures that businesses rank well for local searches in their specific area.

A well-optimised Google My Business profile improves the online visibility of a business, increases credibility and enhances the chances of a business to appear in the Local Listings and Google Maps, ultimately driving more organic traffic and customers.

Online reviews are an important aspect of optimising a business’ Google My Business profile as it is one of the factors that contribute to local search algorithms. Frequently and regularly replying to users’ reviews on Google helps to build trust and credibility among potential customers and influences their decision-making process. Replying to online reviews also enhances a business’ local SEO efforts as it improves its reputation and will help attract more customers and increase foot traffic.

Yes, local SEO services can help businesses to target specific regions or cities within Malaysia. To achieve this, businesses can optimise their online presence so that they appear more prominently in local search results for their targeted area. This can enable businesses to focus on marketing, specifically local SEO marketing, in specific regions or cities where their target local community is located, evidently increasing the chances of attracting local customers and driving business growth within their desired locations.

The period of time it takes to see results from implementing local SEO can vary as it depends on the competitiveness of the industry, the current online presence of the business, and the effectiveness of the local SEO strategies implemented. But generally speaking, it would take a few months of implementing local SEO strategies. However, to achieve significant and sustained results, we would recommend you view local SEO as an ongoing effort that requires regular optimisation and monitoring.

It’s essential to monitor and assess the results of a local SEO campaign so that you can determine their effectiveness. The efficacy of local SEO may be measured using a variety of measurements, including how well a website performs for specific keywords, the volume of organic traffic, conversion rates, online reviews, and the level of consumer engagement. These KPIs can be analysed and reported on with the use of local SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and local SEO management solutions. They assist in monitoring the growth of a business, identifying areas for improvement, and calculating the return on investment a company is receiving from executing local SEO efforts.

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case studies

Real Results, Real Growth

sk jewellery
– eCommerce Retail –

SK Jewellery


SK Jewellery Malaysia is a leading online jewellery retailer striving to enhance its digital presence and boost B2C sales. Amid the intensely competitive landscape of the luxury goods industry, securing and maintaining a top spot in search results poses a significant challenge. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, they are committed to shining brighter in the digital world.


Impressions generated in 12 months



Traffic increase
in 12 months



Conversions generated in
12 months

Bride looking at her flower bouquet
Sonoco Asia
– Manufacturers –



Sonoco Asia is a key player in crafting rigid paper cans for food businesses. In a world where the food packaging industry is bustling with competitors, standing out and getting noticed is a tall order. Known for their excellent quality and eco-friendly solutions, Sonoco Asia is dedicated to growing its digital reach and enhancing relationships with businesses online.


Impressions generated in 12 months



Traffic increase
in 12 months



Conversions generated in
12 months

girl holding a paper can
Icon Brewings
– Food Service –

Icon Brewings Cafe

Icon Brewings Cafe @ Cheras is a popular local cafe, celebrated for their delightful pastries and welcoming, cozy atmosphere. In the midst of Malaysia’s bustling food and beverage scene, their goal is to increase visibility and draw more customers by enhancing their digital presence. Despite the competitive landscape, they’re committed to standing out, offering a unique pastry experience in the heart of Cheras.



Traffic increase
in 2 months



Sales increase
in 2 months

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Hear it from our satisfied clients

They did a very good job for our google business setting, it gained us 300% sales after setting.

The best no regret is their after sales services not just a one time business for sure. If we face any difficulties on their expertise they will support us promptly.

Very recommended!


founder of ICON BREWINGS

Digital Workie team is very responsive and always come out with strategic plans that help us alot in gaining digital appearance. We see our organic traffic increase by 200% within 12 months.

Jaclyn tung

Assistant manager – marketing of sk jewellery sdn bhd

Professional Digital Marketing services. Goal-oriented and yet flexible to stay relevant in the market. Thanks to their effort, we see an increase in 450% of website traffic and 50% increase in conversion!

yu seng long

head of marketing and sustainability, asia & south africa of sonoco

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