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Welcome to Digital Workie – where
innovation meets passion, and
digital marketing solutions turn into
measurable successes.

Established in 2021, we embarked on
this digital marketing journey with over
7 years of experience under our belts and
a single, clear aim – to scale brands and
create enduring values.

We’re not just a digital marketing agency;
we’re your steadfast digital companion,
working tirelessly to
elevate your brand’s visibility to the top.

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our story

how we started & why

Born during the pandemic year of 2021, our founders CJ and Winnie found a silver lining amidst the chaos and crafted a solution-driven approach that forms the backbone of our business. Amidst the hustle of a changing digital landscape, they envisioned an agency that embodies a culture of genuineness, transparency, and excellence.

Driven by the philosophy of “putting ourselves into clients’ shoes“, we focus relentlessly on your needs, just like our own. We believe in giving more, delivering added value and cultivating relationships built on trust. Here at Digital Workie, we hold fast to the saying that givers always gain.

Our journey took a significant leap in 2022, when we set up our first office in OUG, right next to a cosy café, the ideal spot for creative inspiration and endless cups of coffee. This was also the year we welcomed Stella, the Idea King, into our team, marking a pivotal moment in our journey. Her expertise and extensive experience in managing Facebook pages with over a million followers made her a strong addition to our social media marketing team.

We continued our upward trajectory in April 2023 by expanding our team with dedicated and passionate digital experts committed to supercharging your online presence. The power of flexibility and result-oriented strategies are the pillars of our work style. No matter where our team members are, we never lose sight of our shared goal – delivering top-notch results that exceed your expectations.

Rounding up our spectacular team are our leaders, CJ, Winnie, and Stella. CJ, our sales and business development lead, has an uncanny knack for solving problems and a dream to drive a Ferrari someday. Winnie, our tech guru, leads the charge in web design and SEO. Meanwhile, Stella, our content king and idea generator, constantly replenishes our creative wells with fresh ideas, always ensuring our strategies remain relevant and engaging.

At Digital Workie, we’re all about pushing boundaries and making a difference. So, whether you’re a large multinational corporation or a local restaurant owner, rest assured we’ll get your brand the visibility it deserves, one click at a time.


our team

the digital workies

Our team is made up of SEO specialist, designers, copywriters, developers and digital marketers. With the latest technology and software we utilize, we are able to advice and implement proper digital marketing strategies for our clients across various industry.

our Culture

DW Culture

At Digital Workie, our culture is guided by understanding, respect, and a “Givers Gain” philosophy – we strive to give more to achieve more.

By embracing a mindset of empathy, we tailor our solutions to best meet our clients’ needs, turning their challenges into ours and their victories into shared successes. This empathetic approach, coupled with a commitment to transparency, fosters trust and builds long-lasting partnerships.

We also advocate for flexibility and continuous learning within our team. Our result-oriented work style allows for adaptability and innovation, keeping us at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape.

At Digital Workie, we’re not just about doing business – we’re about nurturing a digital community that embodies shared growth, resilience, and success.

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our location

Digital Workie is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

case studies

Real Results, Real Growth

sk jewellery
– eCommerce Retail –

SK Jewellery


SK Jewellery Malaysia is a leading online jewellery retailer striving to enhance its digital presence and boost B2C sales. Amid the intensely competitive landscape of the luxury goods industry, securing and maintaining a top spot in search results poses a significant challenge. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, they are committed to shining brighter in the digital world.


Impressions generated in 12 months



Traffic increase
in 12 months



Conversions generated in
12 months

Bride looking at her flower bouquet
Sonoco Asia
– Manufacturers –



Sonoco Asia is a key player in crafting rigid paper cans for food businesses. In a world where the food packaging industry is bustling with competitors, standing out and getting noticed is a tall order. Known for their excellent quality and eco-friendly solutions, Sonoco Asia is dedicated to growing its digital reach and enhancing relationships with businesses online.


Impressions generated in 12 months



Traffic increase
in 12 months



Conversions generated in
12 months

girl holding a paper can
Icon Brewings
– Food Service –

Icon Brewings Cafe

Icon Brewings Cafe @ Cheras is a popular local cafe, celebrated for their delightful pastries and welcoming, cozy atmosphere. In the midst of Malaysia’s bustling food and beverage scene, their goal is to increase visibility and draw more customers by enhancing their digital presence. Despite the competitive landscape, they’re committed to standing out, offering a unique pastry experience in the heart of Cheras.



Traffic increase
in 2 months



Sales increase
in 2 months

Barista Men looking Left
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Hear it from our satisfied clients

They did a very good job for our google business setting, it gained us 300% sales after setting.

The best no regret is their after sales services not just a one time business for sure. If we face any difficulties on their expertise they will support us promptly.

Very recommended! Save money, save time.


founder of ICON BREWINGS

Digital Workie team is very responsive and always come out with strategic plans that help us a lot in gaining digital appearance.

Jaclyn tung

Assistant manager – marketing of sk jewellery sdn bhd

Professional Digital Marking Services. Goal-oriented and yet flexible to stay relevant in the market.

yu seng long

head of marketing and sustainability, asia & south africa of sonoco